AJ – Interview noch 15 Stunden bis zur ersten Clinic!

1) What do you know about Germany in general and about the German Disc Golf Scene?

I’ve only been through Germany one time back in 2007 as we were driving from Rotterdam, Holland to Genoa, Italy and we drove through Western Germany while traveling very late at night. Actually I know very little about Germany in general, other than the things that I already know about the great food and amazing people, but I am really looking forward to finding out a lot more about it. I’m actually part German myself, so I do have some heritage in the country and maybe I’ll reconnect with some of my long-lost relatives while I’m there.

What I do know about the German Disc Golf Scene is that it’s the homeland of the former World Distance Record Holder and one of my personal Distance Idols, Christian “Max” Voight. I also know all about the new up-and-coming Disc Golf Superstar and Phenom, Simon Lizotte, as I really look forward to us playing together this coming weekend at the 25th Annual Berlin Open.

2) One week is a pretty tight schedule for all these DiscMania “Deep in the Game” Disc Golf Instructional Clinics how do you prepare?

It’s definitely a very tight schedule indeed, as I will be flying from Portland, OR where I was playing the Beaver State Fling Disc Golf National Tour Event. I will be returning to Europe in back to back weeks as I just over in Sula, Norway playing a Disc Golf Tournament a week ago. But it’s what I do for a living, Travel and Play Disc Golf as I’ve already been to Taiwan to play Disc Golf earlier this year but it’s definitely a lot of airplane miles these past few weeks.

As far as the Clinics go, I will be teaching Disc Golf at various locations all around Germany in Wolfenbuttel, Gross Ilsede, Salzgitter and Potsdam throughout a three day stretch. But we’ll be traveling a few hours outside the Berlin Area doing seven Disc Golf Instructional Clinics in three days just before the Disc Golf Event this coming weekend.

It will be a lot of time spent hosting these Clinics but if the time is managed properly it should all work out very well. I really love teaching players how to improve their Disc Golf game as it instills a sense of satisfaction to help them enjoy the game even more.

These Instructional Clinics will be based on the “Deep in the Game” Disc Golf Instructional Video Series presented by DiscMania Discs from Finland. The Clinics will cover all the material described in those Videos and going over the main topics of Putting, Backhand Driving, Forehand/Sidearm Driving, Mental Game and how to obtain Maximum Distance.

3) There is the 25th berlin Open Disc Golf Tournament, have you heard anything about it ever before? (Maybe Chris Max old Roller WR 202m between Hole 15 and the tent…I think it was 1998?)

It’s very interesting that in the Tournament’s 25 years of operation that I have never really heard too much about it other than it’s an incredible Tournament on an amazing Disc Golf Course. I was told that it may be the Best Disc Golf Course in all of Germany and I can’t wait to judge it for myself as I have played 400+ Courses in 10 Countries throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

So you’re telling me that Christian “Max” Voight threw a roller 202 Meters (663 feet) on one of the holes at this course? That’s very impressive, and as I said before, I can’t wait to see the layout of this course as I’m really looking forward to playing some practice rounds out there before the Event.

4) It’s been 25 years OB free, sound pretty old school. Do you think this can be a challenge as well, or do we need tight OB´s for modern day Disc Golf?

I have definitely heard about the Course being an OB-Free Zone with no Out-of-Bounds anywhere on the entire Disc Golf Course. Without seeing the course yet I am not sure about the Course Design out there but I am a Huge Fan of no OB if it still offers a challenge players and penalizes errant shots off the fairway.

I don’t necessarily think that all courses should always have OB and I’m interested to see how it a plays and flows without the possible fear of throwing Out-of-Bounds. As many Courses in the United States have at least some Out-of-Bounds Areas in the form of Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Roadways, Parking Lots and artificial OB Lines used to line or separate the Fairways. Some of the OB Areas that are designed and used at some of these events don’t always make the most sense. I really like it when a player has to play their next shot where the Disc lies, not to always being penalized with an additional stroke.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out on the course as I believe that it will be a nice change of pace to play every shot where it is thrown as I hope that I’m able to use it to my advantage throughout the weekend at the Tournament.

5) Berlin is one of the greatest city’s in the world, what´s the don´t miss tourist spot for you?

So I usually research destination Citys that I have never visited before especially International Citys to find out the fun Tourist Attractions that are a must see when visiting. If there is time I would really like to check out the Berlin Wall and some of the Art Museums as I heard that the Bauhaus Museum is supposed to have some incredible artwork!

I also really like to ask the locals, as they know the best places to check out especially when it comes to places to eat as I enjoy trying all kinds of new and exciting foods. If you couldn’t tell by now, I really like to eat.

It would also be nice to be able to play some Disc Golf Courses in the area if possible as I always like to check out different layouts and course designs. I also keep track of every course that I play and I like to check new ones off the list at every opportunity.

6) Anything you want to add?

I’m really looking forward to my trip to Germany this year as I think that it will be a very positive experience for everyone involved as I hope to inspire more players to play and to help current players improve their Disc Golf Game through the “Deep in the Game” Instructional Clinics. I’m anticipating a large player attendance at all of the courses throughout the week, as I always like to meet new people during my travels to other countries.

I also hope that I’m able to make more people aware of the game in the local area, as I would also like to help to generate more excitement in the local Disc Golf Communities and game of Disc Golf throughout country. I want this visit to Germany, including the Instructional Clinics and the Berlin Open Tournament, to be something that many of the Disc Golf players talk about for years to come.

Many thanks to Jussi Meresmaa and Greg Marter at DiscMania Discs for making this year’s trip to Germany possible!!


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